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Sealand Documents:
International agreements and legal acts with the Government of the Principality of Sealand
(among others with Russia, Latvia ...) documenting de facto and de jure recognition

Greetings at the Turn of the Year 2014/2015

November 2014

interner Link Press release Nov. 3th, 2014
Directions Concerning the Use of theSealand Generator (VRIL Technology) in Motor Vehicles and Living Quarters
The Concept of Energy Density in the Sealand Generator (Vril Technology)
Application for Membership in the Sealand Business Club with the concurrent use of Sealand Vril Devices

June 2014

Documents concerning the friendly cooperation between the Principality of Sealand and the Soviet respectively Russian Army in the former GDR - The presentation of the Bulava, the symbol of might and dignity,
by Lieutenant-General Golowkin to Johannes W. F. Seiger

May 2014:
Press Release om May 8th, 2014 - Flight MH370 Malaysian Airlines
Download the complete documentation

January 2014:
Sealand Letter: 100 Years of Fraudulent Historiography …

December 24, 2013:
Greetings from the Government Commission Vrilia at the Turn of the Year 2013/2014

September 10.2013

interner Link Letter to the President of the United States of America: Deployment of VRIL Technology against the United States of America

July 12, 2013

interner Link Press Release by Prime Minister:
Instant Termination of the Friendship and Consular Treaty between the Principality of Sealand and the German Reich
(Commissary Government/SHAEF Legislator USA)

March 19, 2013

interner Link Press Release by Prime Minister:
Criminal Complaints based on the gang-style conduct of Government and Judiciary in Brandenburg and Berlin to JICTC Stuttgart

January 6, 2013
Press Release by Prime Minister: Greetings at the Turn ofthe Year 2012/2013 (English and German)
... The Government Commission Vrilia feels compelled to release further technologies using Vril energy, in order to bring about through strategic means the ending of the Second World War by means of the Peace Treaty – according to international law long overdue – between the German Reich and the Allied Powers (“Siegermächte”) of the Second World War for the good of all humanity....

December 14, 2012
Press Release of "Vrilia Governmental Commission" concerning the Vril Technology and Mr Bernie Ecclestone's Formula 1 Management
With a letter of Mr. Eccletone

September 23, 2012
An Historic Moment
Romania: President of State Promises the Saxons of Transylvania Reparation
Following the interner Link announcement by Prime Minister Johannes W. F. Seiger the first encouraging results appear

June 11, 2012
interner Link Who Really Started the Second World War? ... We will now, as previously announced, offer part of the interner Link Vril technology in a first step ...

April 13, 2012
interner Link Documentation 2012 Denmark, Platzeck, Westerwelle, medicinal application of  VRIL energy and more, German only, 12 MB)

December 23, 2011
pdf Season's Greetings 2011-2012

August 24, 2011:
pdf Dr. Adenauer’s Formal Apology for the Wehrmacht and the Waffen-SS
Dresden: Overview of the Numbers of Victims

interner Link Swastika Is Insignia of the Finnish airforce

July 20, 2011:
interner Link Documentation: The third Power

May, 2011
interner Link Flyer Sealand Generator

March 19, 2011
interner Link Brandenburg Judiciary [08]

Dec. 20, 2010: Seasonal Message 2010-11 by the Prime Minister
concerning the release of the Vril technology
pdf Original document as pdf file

Dec. 16. 2010: Brandenburg Justice [7]:
Re-entry in the register of companies of the officially deleted company Sealand GmbH & Co KG. Who put the political leadership in Brandenburg under Matthias Platzeck and its criminal judiciary in their place?
This File and all mentioned documents here

May 5, 2010: Statement by the Government of the Principality of Sealand Concerning the Diplomatic Relations with the Federal Republic of Germany: Why does the Federal Republic of Germany since 1990 – disregarding the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations – deny its diplomatic contacts with the Principality of Sealand
[ This File and all mentioned documents here]

Press Release February 16, 2010
interner Link Why did the SHAEF legislator USA under President Clinton ratify on January 30, 1999, the Friendship and Consular Treaty between the Commissary Government of the German Reich established by the SHAEF legislator and the Principality of Sealand?

interner Link The Criminal Acts by the Brandenburg Judiciary Bound by Directives
in January 2009

Press Release December 12, 2009:
Vril Energy for the Twenty-first Century
Government Declaration 2009.10.1
The state of Vril technique development reached allows us now to make the VRIL technology available to an extended circle of users. ...'
Kirlian Photographies show biological effects of the vrill staff
VRIL Technology in Civil Praxis - Report by the Government Commission Vrilia about the developments released for the civil sector in 2009

interner Link The Luxemburg-Story
in April 2008
interner Link Amber Room - Interrogation Protocols
in February 2008
interner Link BGH-Decision
interner Link Season’s Greetings for 2008
interner Link Season’s Greetings for 2007
interner Link Season’s Greetings for 2006
interner Link The Principality of Sealand - Constitution of 1975 and of 1989
interner Link Press Release May 8, 2005 - neither liberated nor conquered!
interner Link Press Release April 2, 2005 - Vril-Power and the Sealand-Generator - Development Status April 2005
interner Link Press Release December 24, 2004 - The Principality of Sealand presents the Media Report No.1
interner Link Press Release December 7, 2004 - Press Release by the Governmental Commission VRILIA
interner Link Press Release of August 12, 2004 - New Access Data for Members of the Sealand Business Club
interner Link Government Decision 05012004 - Sealand Vril Energy Concept will be published in May 8, 2004
interner Link Press Realease on Mr Friedman
interner Link Christmas Greetings from Prime Minister

interner Link Bild-Zeitung
interner Link Sparkasse Teltow-Flaeming
interner Link Spain Passport Fraud

February 2008 Press Releases

The Original
(Amber Room)
and the Location of the Sites

A Political Scandal!

The decision by the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH, Federal Court of Justice) of August 3, 2007, has encouraged the Government of the Principality of Sealand again to broach the subject of the Amber Room. Please read the statements by the Generalbundesanwaltes (Attorney General) and by the complainant Johannes W. F. Seiger.

After the Amber Room has been removed from Königsberg in 1945 shortly before the end of the War, its tracks had been lost. In the Sixties and Seventies, the Ministry for State Security of the GDR had instigated extensive searches. These did not met with success (Pushkin dossier, about 1800 pages, in Stasi German: "General Operation, 14/79").

After the reunification informants approached the Prime Minister of the Principality of Sealand and handed him originals of about 100 interrogation protocols and other documents, for instance concerning the location of cultural goods, for instance of the Amber Room. This carried the obligation to restore these treasures to their rightful owners, the present Russian Federation, but in exchange for the return of art looted from Germany.

For about twelve years the Prime Minister of the Principality of Sealand applied in vain for support for the recovery of the Amber Room and other items from the Federal Government, specifically the Foreign Office, and the authorities of Lower Saxony (see BGH, Appendix 1: Prime Minister Glogowski) and Saxony-Anhalt as well as from several media. The reaction was a systematic destruction of the economic basis of the Sealand enterprises (Brandenburg Judiciary I-VI) and massive persecution of its representative disregarding his diplomatic status: searches, incarcerations, attempted murder (BGH, Attachment 6: Brandenburg Prime Minister Platzeck).

It is planned to publish sequentially all explosive documents regarding this complex, including a map of the path members of the German armed forces took to the hiding place lead by the SS with the 34 boxes containing the Amber Room and with other art treasures.

We want to perform the task which we had been entrusted. This we can only accomplish with the financial support from the populace and therefore we ask for donations. Every Euro counts!

Our Donation Accounts (please send Euros only): Please state as purpose: Bernsteinzimmer!

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IBAN CHF: CH37 8127 4000 0043 9710 7
IBAN €uro: CH39 8127 4000 0043 9716 8
Gerichtsstand ist Zürich (Schweiz)

All funds go to the Sealand Foundation (in formation), managed by the Ministry for Culture and Information.

(Johannes W.F. Seiger)

Appendices: Original Interrogation Protocols-Locations of the Sites ordered by the GDR State Security


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