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00631/00 8/n


Claim by the KSK (District Savings Bank) Teltow-Fläming Against You

Dear Mr. Seiger

Referring to the power of attorney known to you we inform you that we have been asked by the District Savings Bank Teltow-Fläming to hand over to you the documents that had been deposited in the safe-deposit box at our client's Trebbin branch.

As date for this handing over we suggest

April 9, 2001, at 14.00 hours.

Please confirm this date.

In view of this handing over we inform you that the safe-deposit box had been opened by our client in the presence of a notary public in connection with an evaluation of your right of distraint. The contents were put in a container which then was sealed.

We will present to you a corresponding protocol.

With best regards