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Principality of Sealand
Prime Minister

January 14, 2000

Dear Mr. Chancellor,

on December 29, 1999, in the course of a planned notarial certification in connection with the state-owned Sealand Trade Corporation, represented by Mr. Johannes W. F. Seiger, the certification was denied by the notary public, since he received, as has been standard for years, a negative answer from the Foreign Office. The authorities of the Federal Republic of Germany know that this company fulfils the necessary conditions for its activities as a foreign company in the Federal Republic, it has been granted a tax number, a sales tax ID number, a customs number etc. The active legitimisation of this company has been amply confirmed by courts of the Federal Republic and by financial courts and authorities.

Thus we are compelled, supplemental to our letter of December 9, 1999, to set some questions before you:

First we have to state that on October 9, 1998, under the control of the then Minister for the Interior of Lower Saxony, Mr. Glogowsky, in collaboration with the Prosecutor’s Office Potsdam and the Federal Intelligence Service and the state Saxony-Anhalt, our several companies in Trebbin/Löwendorf, offices in Rheda-Wiedenbrück as well as private apartments in Paderborn and Lippstadt and others had been searched by hundreds of police officers, under the pretext of suspicion of contravention of the KWKG (possession of nuclear and chemical arms, search decision of the District Court Potsdam, attachment 1).

The background for this action was that the SPD party colleague in Braunschweig had been asked by the undersigned to induce with Mr. Glogowsky the handing over of materials that are in our possession to the federal authorities (statement of August 21, 1994, attachment 2). Without any material conditions! Instead hundreds of officers were employed, as mentioned above, to get at these materials by force, and in addition at documents about the whereabouts of the Amber Room, of the Reichspostschatz, of German flying disks including construction plans, and of gold reserves of the former Third Reich, of other cultural goods (on 15 lorries) as well as the Sealand Generator developed by us (Gravity Field Energy).

To finally rid oneself of the problem Principality of Sealand, its Prime Minister and Chairman of the Privy Council, Johannes W. F. Seiger, the script foresaw that the undersigned would be led in a media spectacle from the Trebbin/Löwendorf premises on the same day at 12.30, hooded and cuffed on hands and feet, to present him to the public as a criminal and terrorist and to publish as much world-wide on the same day.

These statements were made a few days later by the already mentioned (female) party friend of Mr. Glogowsky (SPD), who was also the main witness for the prosecution in the proceedings, in the presence of four independent witnesses.

Thus a long-cherished wish of the federal authorities would have been fulfilled, to bring the subject of Principality of Sealand and Seiger finally to an end.

Luckily the federal authorities and the Federal Intelligence Service failed once more to complete their criminal activities contravening international law and human rights.

The proceedings were abandoned according to § 170, 2 ZPO! (attachment 3)

Further, the complete original files of the Prosecutor’s Office Potsdam are in our possession, to prevent misinformation of the press and the public that unfortunately is the norm.

All this happened at the time when you were leader of the State Lower Saxony.

In this context, dear Mr. Chancellor, we would like to put a few questions before you:

1. Had you as then leader of the State Lower Saxony been informed about this action that had been instigated by your Minister of the Interior Mr. Glogowsky as the co-ordinator of an axis Lower Saxony/Hannover-Saxony-Anhalt/Magdeburg-Brandenburg-Potsdam?

2. Why did we never receive any support by the authorities of the Federal Republic, despite our previous efforts in the matters above, let alone a licence to salvage?

3. Further does the behaviour that was displayed by the government of your predecessor, Dr. Kohl, according to state and international lawyers at The Hague, qualify as de facto declaration of war (attachment 4). Do you, dear Mr. Chancellor Schröder, intend to maintain this state?

4. Are you familiar with the content of our letters and the eventual consequences therefrom, of which at the end of 1998 we had informed the Mayor of Berlin, Mr. Diepgen and the Mayor of Frankfurt/Main, Mrs. Roth?

5. To avoid such eventual consequences, the Commissary Government German Reich, prompted by the SHAEF Legislator USA, signed at the end of 1998 a Friendship and Consular Treaty with the Principality of Sealand which includes a non-aggression commitment. Are you familiar with these documents?

6. Why are we still massively hindered by the federal authorities threatening using force of arms to salvage the Amber Room, the Reichspostschatzes etc., although we have a licence to salvage from the Commissary Government German Reich installed by the SHAEF Legislator USA, confirmed by the SHAEF Legislator USA?

We ask to receive the answers to these questions by January 28, 2000. Should we not hear from you by that date, we assume that this letter was kept from you and to be sure we will forward it again by fax.

The undersigned is at your disposal for setting a date for a personal discussion.

With respects
Principality of Sealand
Johannes F. W. Seiger
Prime Minister and Chairman of the Privy Council


Copies to:

Registered Recorded Delivery Slip
The Chancellor
Mr. Gerhard Schröder
Federal Chancellery
Mauerstraße 34-38
10117 Berlin

Principality of Sealand - The Prime Minister
c/o Diplomatische Vertretung des Fürstentums Sealand im Deutschen Reich
Ahrensdorfer Straße 7. D-14959 Trebbin-Löwendorf

 pdf Original document & translation


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